Creating collections

Based on clients' requirements, the Sýpka Auction House provides services related to the creation and management of the collection.

We devote ourselves to the acquisition of works (active search for artistically important and at the same time cost-effective offers, procurement of purchases directly from authors, renowned galleries or auction houses) as well as collection strategy (focus on the extraordinariness of works and the prerequisite for their financial appreciation, liquidity monitoring, market analysis).

Offered services:


  • expert consultancy on the purchase of works of art
  • expert consultancy on the sale of work of art
  • cataloguing of the collection (documentation of individual works: photographs, description of the work, information on the acquisition)
  • representation on Czech auctions
  • certificates of authenticity
  • representation on foreign auctions
  • providing of professional expertise from leading Czech art historians
  • providing restoration work
  • transport of works of art to buyers or to storage place
  • design and implementation of installation of artwork in interior
  • professional adjustment of artworks
  • professional valuation of the collection as a whole


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