Auction terms


The Auction takes place at

Galerie U Betlémské kaple, Betlémské náměstí 8, 110 00 Praha 1


19th June 2022

The Auction is conducted according to the terms of the Act. No. 26/2000 Coll., on Public Auctions.


The auction catalogue includes definition and description of the items as well as the starting price, lowest bids and numerical order of the items.


The Auctioneer will call out the items according to the numerical order. After calling out, bidders can start making increases by raising the advance number up and simultaneous verbal exclamation. The Auction continues until the auction participants make higher bids. The amount of higher bid is determined by the following chart of increases:


For each auction item, the purchaser is obliged to pay the Auctioneer a flat fee for the participation in the Auction and for maintenance and storage of the item until the time of handing the item over to the purchaser in the amount of 20% from the price of the price attained in the auction (VAT included).


You can pay by credit card up to CZK 30.000 only. After the agreement with the bidder, it is possible to do whole payment by transfer to our bank account or in cash in our office, but within 10 days after the end of auction at the latest.


Client can also submit written absentee bids or bid themselves over the phone or give an order to the broker. To do so, the Auctioneer must have received power of attorney in due time.


Auctioned off items will be given over, immediately after payment, at the place of the Auction or on the basis of "Receipt of Price Payment" at:


Tržiště 3, 110 00 Prague 1, appointment only


Gallery Sýpka, Údolní 70, 602 00 Brno

Mo-Su 10-17 hrs


Unless explicitly specified otherwise, all items are used and subject to age-related wear and tear.


Starting prices in CZK (in bold letters) are binding whereas starting prices in EUR are estimates that have only an informative value (exchange rate of the Czech National Bank).