Karel Svolinský, A. Münzberg, fa, JEKA, fa

Puppets set - 46 pcs

paper company labels and stamps, Bohemia, production by A. Münzberg for the Association of Friends of Puppet Theater around 1913 and Jeka (Jan and Eliška Královi), dragon design by K. Svolinský from the family puppet theater of Prof. A. Matějček, - ten plays from the competition 1926 Puppeteer with dedication and Ex Libris F. Čech, number of puppets 46 pcs, animal puppets 5 pcs, accessories 17 pcs, leashes 15 pcs, original portable box with system for hanging and transport of puppets, condition corresponds to age, original electrification
Dragon in the collections of the National Museum - Historical Museum under inventory number H6D2818.

197 auction 58

starting price 120 000 CZK € 4 715

hammer price 120 000 CZK

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