Zykmund Václav 1914–1984

Untitled, 2 pcs, 1944

Ink, watercolour, handmade paper, 22 × 15,5 cm, pencil, paper, 21,5 × 11,5 cm, signed. PD in pencil Z. 44.

Václav Zykmund is undeniably one of the most outstanding personalities Czech art of the generation that emerged in the early 1930s century. His work spans several fields, occupying a wide from visual expression through fiction to the writing of theoretical texts and teaching. His expression has an internal logic while remaining open to new impulses throughout his life. In our art of the past century art, it occupies as important a place as the work of other members of the strong generation, which includes members of Group 42, the Ra group (which VZ co-founded) or the Seven in October group. Václav Zykmund followed the first wave of surrealism, but like Josef Istler or František Hudeček developed its impulses considerably in a distinctive and independent way. He drew on his rich imagination, but he also had a refined sense of order. He experimented in the field of photography, photogram, collage, assemblage, he used in an unconventional way drawing and painting, he also combined various processes. He devoted himself to distinctive He was the first to use frottage in cartoons. Often anticipated future developments. His theoretical reflections and views on art are also important, based on knowledge of the historical context. Interest in his work is constantly growing, even though he himself did not care about his ...in its overall relationships. For his inspiration, he has been noticed not only by Czech, but especially foreign experts and collectors. Apparently, his largest exhibition took place in 2000 at the Brno House of Art, for prepared by Jiří Valoch, one of the greatest experts on Czech art second half of the last century. In Prague, unfortunately, his great retrospective has not yet taken place in Prague, and yet his work with the main city as closely as Brno. The works offered in the auction are among Zykmund's highly appreciated paintings from the period. They relate to the series Portraits and Animals and Kašpar Nights (A. Bertrand), which are in the Moravian Gallery in Brno. disgustingly consulted by PhDr. Jiří Machalický. together

selling price 19 200 CZK

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